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From Beachside Eateries to Elegant Establishments: The Best Restaurants in Benaulim

May 20, 2024

Adjacent to South Goa’s tranquil coast, the Southern Deck is an eatery and a charming dining establishment. We are situated in Benaulim, a small village which is known for beautiful beaches and traditional culture, and we offer you an unmatchable culinary experience that introduces you to the best of Goan hospitality and cuisine. From a laid back beachside cafe to a fine dining restaurant, The Southern Deck is a destination for those who love good food.

In terms of restaurants in Benaulim, the Southern Deck stands out from the crowd with its original mix of local and international flavours that makes us one of the top restaurants in Benaulim Goa. Our chefs are committed to using the freshest ingredients from local sources to make dishes that are both excitingly innovative as well as traditional. Our menu covers the succulent seafood to the mouthwatering vegetarian options and guarantees that every guest will leave after meals with a full stomach.

Unmatched Sea View Dining

One of the distinguished aspects of The Southern Deck is our magnificent view of the sea. As the top sea view restaurant in Goa, we give the patrons an opportunity to dine overlooking the Arabian Sea. The atmosphere is both calm and elegant, therefore this place is suitable for a romantic dinner, a family gathering, or any other of your special celebrations. Witnessing the sunset over the water as you indulge in a delicious meal is an impression that will be engrained in your memory forever.

Elegant Beachside Experience

The Southern Deck epitomises the charm of beach restaurants in South Goa. Our location allows guests to bask in the natural beauty of Benaulim beach while savouring exquisite cuisine. The relaxed beachside atmosphere, coupled with our elegant décor, creates a unique dining experience that is both comfortable and luxurious. Whether you’re lounging on our deck with a cocktail or enjoying a full-course meal, the sound of the waves and the cool sea breeze provide the perfect setting.

Live Music and Entertainment

As an effort to improve your dining experience, live music performances are often hosted by The Southern Deck. As one of the best live music restaurants in South Goa, we are of the view that perfect music adds more flavour to an already wonderful food. We have carefully crafted a line-up of local and global artists who bring vibrating energy to our nights and make every trip to our restaurant unforgettable. We offer everything from quiet acoustic sets to dynamic band performances that satisfy and entertain our guests.

Perfect for Every Occasion

The Southern Deck is not only a restaurant but also a versatile platform that can host any event. Whether it is a casual lunch, romantic dinner or large parties, our team is committed to offering you exceptional service and hospitality. Along with the space and the perfectly designed interior of our venue, our space can be used for different size events which makes our venue the perfect place for weddings, parties, corporate events and more.

Discover The Best of Benaulim

When exploring the best restaurants in Benaulim, The Southern Deck stands out for its commitment to quality, ambiance, and service. We invite you to join us and experience the finest dining that South Goa has to offer. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor discovering the beauty of Goa, a meal at The Southern Deck, one of the best sea view restaurants in Goa promises to be a highlight of your culinary journey.

Experience the best beach restaurant in South Goa, The Southern Deck – where the sea meets the plate, and every meal is a celebration.