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Exploring Goa’s Culinary Delights: A Seafood Safari

February 17, 2024

Nestled along the pristine shores of the Arabian Sea, Goa stands as a testament to India’s rich cultural tapestry. While the state is renowned for its vibrant nightlife and sun-kissed beaches, there’s a hidden gem awaiting food enthusiasts – the delectable seafood that graces the tables of South Goa. Embark on a culinary adventure as we explore the best seafood in South Goa and discover the culinary wonders that await at establishments like the Southern Deck in Benaulim.

Savouring The Coastal Bounty:

Being true to the Seafood Freaks Feels, South Goa has a paradise where seafood lovers get themselves enthralled with a variety of sea-borne delicacies that appeal to the senses. The countryside coast is studded with pieces of quiet fishing villages where the catch of the day is what the food they will have. Both locals and tourists are a fan of the region’s freshest prawns, crabs, lobsters and a wide variety of fish that turn out the traditional dining to exciting regional cuisine.

The Southern Deck in Benaulim, South Goa:

Out of many options, which deserves special mention is The Southern Deck in Benaulim that can be called a hallmark for seafood aficionados. The town’s treasured Southern Deck has an appealing mix of rustic simplicity and more sleek dining, as it is set in the heart of this idyllic coastal town. The menu in this cafe celebrates Goan traditional seafood and also expresses the cafe’s carryover of global flavours.

The ambiance at The Southern Deck is a perfect blend of relaxed beach vibes and upscale elegance. Surrounded by silken sands and the soothing sound of the waves, patrons are transported to a culinary oasis. The open-air seating allows diners to bask in the sea breeze, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The Menu – A Seafood Symphony:

The Southern Deck takes pride in its diverse menu, curated to please discerning palates. Begin your gastronomic journey with the signature stuffed crab or the smoked prawn bruschetta.  The stuffed Calamari with Chorizo is another must-try dish.

The menu also features international twists on classic seafood dishes like the Thai Chilli Basil and the Balinese pacific oyster. You can also try out the catch of the day and have the chef prepare it in your choice of style.

Pairing Perfection:

Any culinary experience is worth nothing without the right pairing of drinks. The Southern Deck menu is in love with wines and cocktails which will match seafood selection definitely. On the other hand The Southern Deck has expanded the beverage list to the neat and fine Sauvignon Blancs and refreshing mojitos so as to capture the extra touch in dining enjoyment.

The seafood diversion through South Goa has all the ingredients to produce a masterpiece of flavours and The Southern Deck in Benaulim is the one place to go for an incredible dine out. From screaming sea bass, the Goan Kingfish to prawns and lobsters, the menu at The Southern Deck astonishes local cuisine and food from around the world. Therefore, experience the coast attractiveness, enjoy it assiduously, have the Southern Deck as guide for tasting the world that excites the soul through the sea food of Goa.